Short Notice!! [PLEASE READ]

Hello! I’m going to move my art activities to my main blog »>

I figured I had to be consistent with stuffs and I don’t really do much about my main so instead of separating blogs I think I should just focus there hahaha @ ~ @

I won’t be updating here anymore but I will not delete this blog. If you still like to follow my artwork, feel free to follow the linked blog above instead

Have a happy day!! ^ p ^ ))b 

Sphyon | Kathryne Keyron | Orange || Ragnarok Online

for justmini, *~*LOLITAG*~* , and marliciously… respectively!

sweetchocoprince sent: Aww... I just saw your requests closed post. orz I just found your tumblr today and that Mysteltainn art is so great... o3o Just nobody does art of Tirfing/Ogretooth and I love that thing (like immensely). XD I would commission you if possible, but I doubt I could afford that honestly. ^^; Oh well, maybe next time. Just thought I'd tell you it's nice to see a talented RO artist!

Thank you, dear! You’re so nice and lovely jkhgj let me hug you >////<

Hngghh I love that sword, too! Honestly, I love all three: Mysteltainn, Tyrfing, and Executioner!! Gee, the sprites are so gorgeousssss!!

Cu Chulainn | Servant Lancer || Fate/Stay Night 

for mongrelofulster!

I love Cu Chulainn, too! There, have two Lancer pics ughhh feels ( ; v ; )
You are my only Fate request whyyyy—- //foamssss and psssst I put captions read it!

Awww, and thanks dear for the thoughtful message! ♥ 3 ♥)/ 

Matsuoka Gou/Kou and Nitori Aiichirou from Free!

for sabviee and flivine!